Airwheel electric skateboard VS automobiles─Which Is the Winner?

Abstract: Airwheel electric skateboard and automobiles represent two types of different commuting styles. How could the humble electric vehicle stage a counter back against the noble car?

The reputed German car maker Volkswagen get stuck in the emission cheating scandal. The scandal hurt their business, hurt their image and also hurt their customers. In the midst of the raising awareness on environment protection, the top-selling brand blatantly challenges the wit of regulators and the conscience of an established company. It is time to dig over the questions about automobiles and the alternatives to them. Compared to the gas-powered cars, Airwheel electric skateboard is a green vehicle.

Airwheel M3

Automobiles and electric skateboard M3 represent two types of different commuting styles. Many people think that luxury cars could highlight the social status. How could it happen? Though expensive cars could elevate the nobility and status of the driver, they still could not escape from serious traffic jams. No matter how fast the luxury cars could run, drivers could not get the car moving fast on the bustling street. Differentiated from the operation of the steering wheel, Airwheel electric skateboard, operated by a wireless remote control, presents a free style on the crowded streets. However congested the street is, it could shuttling through it easily.

Airwheel M3

Why could Volkswagen be forced into such a situation? Pollution issues. The environment is unable to get worsening any more. Automobiles propelled by gas are the main sources of pollution. In sharp contrast, Airwheel M3, powered by clean energy electricity is low-carbon and eco-friendly. It is a urgent need for the world to consume less gasoline and emit less pollutants. Airwheel electric skateboard could meet the most desperate need.

Which sounds more attractive, demonstrating their individuality by the varied electric skateboard or sitting in the rigid cars and leading a mundane life? For those unwilling to ordinary, the former sounds better.

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