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Airwheel SE3 Scooter Suitcase, motorized, rideable, portable

Abstract: Airwheel combines the convenience of a standard suitcase with the innovation of personal transport to create the world’s unique motorized, smart and connected carry-on that gets you to your destination faster than walking. Now, SE3 bluesmart luggage has been launched on Kickstarter. Airwheel’s slogan is “Free Intelligent Life”. Its years of stable operations and […]

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Airwheel SE3 scooter suitcase change your travel

Abstract: Good design always brings a lot of convenience to life. Airwheel has launched a smart suitcase called SE3. What kind of change will it bring to your travel? Your travel experience changes will begin after when you press the mode switch button on Airwheel SE3 motorized rideable luggage. It will automatically start the riding wheel and […]

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