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Travel and entertainment are both right, Airwheel A6S self-balancing wheelchair

Abstract: Stress helps us to survive! But when we have too much stress in our lives, it can be dangerous to our health. Riding an Airwheel A6S self-balancing wheelchair helps de-stress and make you vigorous. There are lots of activities that can help reduce stress and tension. One way to reduce stress and anxiety is […]

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Airwheel A6T Self-Balancing Wheelchair was Warmly Received at the 79th CMEF

Abstract: Airwheel produces the ultimate Medical Equipment with safer features, stronger hardware, and smarter software. The A6T self-balancing chair was welcomed with lots of enthusiasm in the 2018 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF). The years of continuous innovation and self-improvement bear fruit and CMEF has become a main medical industry platformfor technology innovation, trading […]

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Airwheel A6T self-balancing wheelchair has created a new concept of mobile transportation

Abstract: Airwheel has learned what customers’ real needs are in order to function efficiently and reliably every day. A6T inaugurates a new transportation philosophy for personal mobility. Thanks to its self-balancing technology, A6T smart power chair unites the users under the banner of the freemovement, erasing the differences. Airwheel has a history of more than […]

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