The smart suitcase for easy traveling:Airwheel scooter luggage

I was attracted by it when my friend was using the smart suitcase last year, and I decided to buy one Airwheel SE3 smart riding suitcase for myself.

After taking it out from the packing box, we notice that the brand new Airwheel SE3 is covered with plastic bag and anti-dust cover.

There are two color options for this Airwheel SE3 smart suitcase. I have chosen the black color. The other color option is the silver color.
The suitcase body is made of ABS+PC material with non-slip, scratch-resistant, spill-resistant and durable feature. It is a very good option for easy cleaning.

We simply need to turn on the main power button, press the extend power switch, pull out the handlebar, then the Airwheel SE3 will extend to its full size and ready to drive.

We can also adjust the height of the handlebar according to our needs.
We can retract the SE3 riding suitcase back to its original state by opposite the above steps.

The top speed is /h when driving.
The two sides of the suitcase are reinforced with two complete sets of aluminum alloy and its maximum load is 90kg. We do not have to worry about the damage during riding even when the fragile stuff is put inside it.

The LED display shows the speed, battery status, mileage and other information.
We can switch the information panel by short pressing the button next to the LED display. Press and hold the same button to activate the brake and avoid collision during riding.

The shining LED light at two sides of the suitcase looks very cool especially under dark surroundings.
It is added with rear light to remind the passers-by and safer for riding.

Take out the pull rod at the other side of the suitcase if you want to pull it.
It is adjustable in 3 height level.

The two rear pneumatic wheels are noiseless when pulling. It is very easy to pull it.

The SE3 is not only designed for riding, but it can also be used as a power bank to recharge your smartphone, tablets, and other electronic devices through the USB port, which can provide you with a more confident journey without worrying about the low battery of smartphone during riding.

This is the TSA combination lock.

After opening the outer cover, you will notice that the inner part is divided into two parts, the outer layer is designed with pockets in different sizes for the small stuff such as folder, notebook, pen, charging cables etc.

The volume capacity of Airwheel SE3 is 29.3L, which is enough for less than one-week short period traveling. There are two pockets at the inner part of the suitcase, which is very useful to classify the personal belongings in order.

There is a hidden zipper at the bottom of the suitcase. You will find the Airwheel SE3 battery set inside it after opening it. Simply unfasten the strap and disconnect the battery back from the suitcase to easily remove the battery pack, which is very easy for re-charging and replacement.

Generally speaking, the Airwheel SE3 well combined the storage function and scooter function together which can meet all my needs, and worth recommending.

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