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How to Fold Airwheel R5 Portable Electric Bike?

Abstract: Since its debut, Airwheel R5 has drawn wide attention, however, how to unfold and fold Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike is seldom expounded. In the last passage, the editor has described the steps to unfold the Airwheel R5, so today's attention is paid to how to fold it. R5 has drawn wide attention, however, how […]

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To Explore the Beauty of City with Airwheel E3 Portable Electric Bike

Abstract: Many people know little about their cities even they have lived there for decades, because they just live in two point one line. From now on, don't miss the beauty of the city. Go to explore them with Airwheel E3 electricbike. Busy and stressful are the exact words to describe the life state of […]

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