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Airwheel SR5 self-driving luggage takes the “lug” out of “luggage

Abstract: The founders of Airwheel SR5 Self-driving luggage are trying to do something a bit different for a smart suitcase that — in addition to the usual designs — makes it follow user and avoid obstacles automatically. Airwheel owns an elite professional team and a large number of innovative patents worldwide, which has become a […]

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Do you buy this suitcase that can follow you?Airwheel Self-driving luggage

For those who are keen on cooking, kitchen utensils such as ovens and pots are especially important, so for those who are keen on traveling, the suitcase is always a good helper on the road. Today is mainly to share my new smart suitcase – Airwheel SR5. It is a suitcase that can automatically follow […]

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