10 Item Safety Checklist for Traveling Abroad

Rome, Paris, Kenya, Monaco. All fabulous places. Dream vacations for some, while others favor remote islands and secluded beaches. Whatever your destination, whatever your reason, traveling abroad can create a lifetime of memories.
Be sure to plan ahead to avoid mishaps that can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare trip from hell.
Sure you need to book flights and pack (don’t forget your passport and melatonin to help with sleeping), but have you considered which steps you’ll need to take to ensure your health, safety, and finances before traveling abroad? Here’s a checklist of key items to consider.
So your pets and house will be taken care of while you’re gone. Your vaccinations are up-to-date. You have all your documents. Last step? What to pack. Your checked bag is up to you, but consider the climate when packing and carrier weight restrictions. Take a photo on your phone of your packed suitcase. Doing so will provide you with what’s inside should you need to file a claim. It will also assist airline employees with what to look for.
Finally, pack these essentials in your carry-on: Passport and visa, medications (with labels), insurance and ID cards, portable charger, electrical converters, /debit /credit cards, /eye /sleeping pills or melatonin, headphones, antibacterial wipes, /scarf for cool temperatures on the plane and your cellphone and its charger.
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Photo credit: ACS (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 3.0)