5 Things to do When Checking a Bag

Summer is upon us and many of you will soon hit the airport, anxious to arrive at your dream vacation. Whether you’re traveling for fun, business or a bit of both, Smarter Travel recently offered a few simple tips that can help make you reach your destination calm and ready to relax or pumped for your sales meetings, especially if you’re checking a bag.
First, make sure to keep your valuables with you in your carry-on. Checked luggage can get lost and delayed, so be sure to pack a change of clothes in your carry-on just in case. If it’s valuable to you, whether monetarily or emotionally, keep it in your carry-on.
And if you bought any large items during your trip, consider shipping them home so you don’t have to pack them. You can more easily pack them properly for shipping than you can for travel, and things are less likely to get broken when you’re checking a bag.
Review the TSA list of allowed and non-allowed items to make sure you aren’t packing any contraband.
Speaking of the TSA, make sure the lock you’ve chosen for your bag is TSA approved, which means TSA employees can open it with a master key. If they can’t, the lock will be cut off and your bags are now traveling without that additional security. Be sure you’ve zipped all outside compartments secured straps and fastened everything which will prevent your luggage from getting snagged and possibly damaged. Also, Travelpro bags have TSA-approved locks, which means you don’t even have to deal with the issue.
If you have to catch a connecting flight on an international trip, choose one that will offer sufficient time to claim your luggage and then re-check it for the next leg of your journey. Quick turnarounds might seem ideal as they save time, you run the risk of having to race through a terminal to get to your flight while your suitcase takes a different one.
One last thing, make sure your suitcase is easily identifiable. With so many passengers it’s easy to grab the wrong luggage, so make sure your bag stands out. Something as simple as a brightly colored ribbon is an easy solution. Travelpro offers great tags and even vibrant patterned bags that will help you spot your bag easily.
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Photo credit: Baggage Master (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 3.0)