9 More Virtual Vacations You Can Take From Home

A few months ago, we looked at a few virtual vacations you could take from the comfort of your own home. If you’ve already taken those virtual trips and wanted to go on a few more, we found nine more trips around the world and here at home that you could try.
1. Amazon (No, the other Amazon)
may be known for its shopping and entertainment platform, but did you know they offer virtual experiences as well? It’s called Amazon Explore, and you can use it to take virtual tours of different cities around the world.
For a small fee, you can take virtual tours with local guides who will be happy to show you around their city, anywhere in the world. You can take a live guided tour of The Beatles’ Liverpool; take a walk around Barranco, a neighborhood in Lima, Peru; or go on a virtual rickshaw tour of Asakusa in Tokyo.
2. Nashville, Tennessee
Known as Music City, Nashville is a city that displays southern hospitality and comfort. If you love country music and miss live music, you can not only take a tour of Music City, you can view many of the city’s popular venues and destinations. You can also enjoy live-streamed concerts, learn how to prepare southern cuisine, and observe Nashville’s attractions.
3. Chile
On the west coast of South America, the mountainous land of Chile provides rich culture and great natural beauty. Although travel into the country is limited right you, you can witness its beauty and see its cultural touchstones.
Chile has created a travel website where people taking virtual vacations can “visit museums, landscapes, and monuments” from the comfort of their own home.
4. Florida
Florida, our home state, is a must to mention on this list. The Sunshine State offers much to be experienced. From St. Petersburg to St. Augustine and the panhandle, landscapes, there are different sides of Florida that people can enjoy.
You can visit manatees, enjoy a beach bonfire, visit many of the freshwater springs, or even swim around the Boca Raton reef, located just a few miles from our corporate office. We’ll even take a few virtual vacations here from time to time.
5. Japan
“The Land of the Rising Sun” has long been known as a beautiful land. With the high skyline of Mt. Fuji to the distinctive and beautiful architecture, Japan is a wonder for visitors. Even though the cherry blossoms only bloom during a short window each year, you can still experience the cherry blossoms and the forest of Japan through JR Pass.
Take some time to explore the beauty of this ancient culture, appreciate the entertainment, walk the cities, get ready for the Tokyo Olympics, all at your own convenience and from your own time zone.
6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The history of the country is strong in the City of Brotherly love. Plan a trip that celebrates history, liberty, and good food. Take a 360-degree tour of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, visit Race Street Pier, or visit the Boathouse Row.
7. Portugal
Tucked away and surrounded by Spain, Portugal is a land full of beautiful architecture and scenic views. There are castles and multi-colored buildings to be explored, as well as several spectacular panoramas. Several of the photos are actually interactive, so you can walk around the Pena National Palace.
Also, the Lonely Planet has a very thorough, immersive look at Portugal, taking you on a virtual vacation. There are videos you can watch, helpful phrases, and even a list of movies and books to check out.
8. Viking.TV
Viking began as a resource for people all over the world to come together and learn about the history and geography of the Viking voyages, plus more than that. Anywhere the Viking cruises go, you could learn about that area.
When the pandemic began, Viking crafted virtual livestreams, free of charge, for the world to experience. With its large library of videos, people can travel to areas of the world they may not ever physically see but feel as though they are seeing the land.
9. Virtual Disney
Virtual Walt Disney World, or Virtual WDW, is an immersive experience for the kid in all of us. If you miss the thrill of the rides or want to visit Cinderella’s castle one more time (or for the first time), you can. Virtual WDW’s Youtube channel will give you the chance to tour the land of the mouse for free. If you’re planning to visit Walt Disney World when it’s safer to do so, this is a great way to give your family a preview of what you can see and do.
Have you gone on any virtual vacations this year? Where have you gone? What are your favorites? Do you have any future virtual travel plans? Share your favorites with us on our Facebook page, or on our Twitter stream. You can also find us on our Instagram page at @TravelproIntl.
Photo credit: Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp (photo provided by Robert & Mary Carey)