A Collection of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Airwheel Electric Aided-Bicycle (R series)

Abstract: Compared with the self-balancing electric scooters, the Airwheel folding e bike, especially the R series of electric assist urban bike has greatly widen its rider base, because of the features of easy-to-learn, portability and multiple ride modes etc.. The increasing numbers of riders, especially the beginners have many questions to ask. The following is a collection.

Q: Does the newly purchased Airwheel electric aided-bicycle need charge?
A: There is auxiliary charge: such as short delivery time, users can directly use the battery. If the delivery time is longer (2 months or more), the battery will lose power during storage and transport. It is better to charge the batter before use. To charge it requires plugging the exclusive charge to the battery charging hole and connecting AC220V power source for 2~4 hours until the charger is full. The normal charge of the battery: the operation of R series of electric assist bike is also the discharge process of the battery. The battery should be charged immediately after the use of the power-assisted vehicle. Please turn off the power if not riding.

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Q: How to adjust the brake?
The adjustment method of the brake is the same as the ordinary bicycle. The key is not only to be able to brake effectively, but also to release the brake without block (otherwise it will consume a large amount of electric energy) and make sure the brake power off function is effective.

Q: How to adjust the chain?
Adjust the nut left or right to find the suitable looseness. When adjusting the chain, it must also be aligned with the front and rear sprockets in a straight line. After adjustment, refasten the nut in the rear wheel, lock and adjust nut to have a final check. The chain sag between the two chain wheels should be 10~15. Clip mouth is back to the installation.

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Q: How to start the electricity-assisted mode of R series?
A: After connecting moped bike via the Airwheel App, open the setting, click the electricity-assisted mode button, and apply to start it as the operation steps. If the application is successful, the electricity-assisted mode will start correspondingly.

The above Q-As are only a small part and if you have any question, please feel free to contact us via Email(business@) or phone call.

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