A Comparison between Airwheel Electric Scooters and Private Car

Abstract: The car becomes a household item not for a long time. As the living standard and income rise, more and more people start to buy private cars to travel, work and the like. But then, at the same time, there are a host of people riding Airwheel electric walkcar to realise the same purposes as the private car.

Here comes a comparison between Airwheel electric scooter and private car. Airwheel is a famous brand of scooter. In the year of 2004, Airwheel got entering the market of scooter. Up to now, it has rolled out scooters of one kind or another, e.g. X8, Q6, S8, Z5, E3 backpack e bike and so on. A good many young people eagerly opt for it and ride it as a transport.


As we know, the private car travels very fast and even on the highway that is allowed to run at 80 km/h. And the car can shelter motorists from glaring sunshine, wind and rain. In this respect, the car takes some beating in comparison with the bicycle and the electricity-assisted scooter. What's more, it represents driver's social standing and identity. However, many drawbacks have been dogging drivers. The biggest snag is the issue of traffic jam. Another serious issue is the emission. The emission caused by car goes bad to worse in the city, which raises the public concerns about the quality of environment and air. Therefore, cars are not approved by some environmentalists. This is the good points of Airwheel mini electric scooter, small and compact in size.

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One could carry Airwheel with ease onto the bus and metro and into the office. Airwheel electric walkcar uses the most clean energy—electricity power. The power is eco-friendly and cost-effective. The cost of riding scooter is just a tiny fraction of driving. Most importantly, it produces no emission. The zero emission suffices to keep the air and the environment clean and healthy.

Based on the above comparison, which one do you prefer, Airwheel electric scooter or private car?