A New Model Was Added To Airwheel R Series—R6 Smart Electric Bike

Abstract: Airwheel's bold concept and brand-new design blaze a new trail for the development of intelligent vehicles. R6 electric assist bike, released in May 2017 will bring a brand-new riding experience for users. Get ready for a cool journey with R6.

Exquisite, compact and portable, Airwheel R6, as a brand new type of electric bike and will bring a brand-new riding experience for users. Like R5 and R3, Airwheel R6 has three ride modes that allows you to enjoy a unique riding experience. It supports man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted styles. There are different gears for you in power-assisted mode. The 235w motor will give you an easy ride if you would like to choose electricity mode. It should be noted that R6's software has been upgraded to be better compatible with its motor and batteries, so that users will have gorgeous experience of riding manoeuvrability.

Airwheel R6

Its automatic folding system allows riders to press one button to extend or contract automatically, so that R6 electric folding bike can thus be placed in the trunk easily. Also, Airwheel R6 is provided with modular batteries with USB port. Therefore, it can cover such a long way that most of its users can enjoy themselves to the full. In addition to the BMS, its battery has the function of prevention thievery of battery and one second to lock reduces the risk of battery theft.

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Other than that, its unique features include the following three aspects. R6 pedal assist bike installs a trip computer that can not only help the rider alter freely among the three ride modes, but also monitor the real-time data, like the speed, mileage, electricity, settings and timely fault reminder etc., to make riding more safer. This shows a great convenience and intelligence.

Airwheel R6 design

What's more, a red and bright brake light in the tail will be on when you press the brake to remind the rear of the pedestrian and the vehicle to keep a safe distance. Also, R6 is equipped with energy recovery system of Tesla car. The ordinary electric vehicles in the process of brake consume a lot of electricity, and R6 will start the energy recovery system, transforming the kinetic energy into electricity for storage and reuse. Hence, it greatly lengthens the range.

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