A normal workday with Airwheel S3 two-wheeled intelligent scooter

Abstract: The traffic jam is horrible, especially on Monday, which is a nightmare for commuters. Elroy is touted as a scooter-lover in his office, as he always goes to work by electric self-balancing scooter. He thinks it is more convenient and eco-friendly to ride electric scooter. More importantly, it helps him get rid of heavy traffic.

On weekday, there is a road full of traffic in the rush hour. If he is unfortunate, one car might wait for nearly hone hour for the traffic to go smooth. At once, Elroy was one of them who got on the crowded bus and risked being late for work. The situation is turned around because of Airwheel intelligent electric scooter S3. The two wheels and handle bar makes Airwheel S3 self-balancing two wheels scooter achieves zero learning difficulty.

Airwheel S3

Airwheel S3 self-balancing electric scooter installs double super wide customized tires, ultra wide contact surface and better driving stability to bring you an unprecedented lasting mileage and exciting driving experience.

After wash and shave, Elroy steers his Airwheel S3 out of his house. He straight passes the traffic and weaves through in and out of the traffic. The drivers who sees him are jealous, but with nothing to do. The size of Airwheel S3 2 wheel electric scooter is so small that he can ride it into the lift. When he arrives at ground floor, he at once scoots about out the lift and heads for the path to work.

S3 Airwheel

In addition to the practical function, Airwheel S3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter also serves as a way to work out. Elroy is a white-collar, who spends almost the working hour before his PC with scant space and time to get about. The lacking of regular exercise is bound to cause some diseases. In order to snatch time to work out, he steers Airwheel S3 and treats it as a channel for working out. A normal workday with Airwheel S3 two-wheeled intelligent scooter is special for Elroy.

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