A Ride of Airwheel R5 electric assist bike helps digestion after Christmas Eve’s Feast

Abstract: In December, almost global people will welcome once a year Christmas Day. Christmas cookiesand cakes are the major Christmas recipes. Most of the people will yield to the temptation of delicious foods. Airwheel R5 electric assist bicycle helps them to aid digestion on the Christmas Eve.

With the approach of Christmas Day , a growing number of Christmas trees are being decorated every street and store. Father Christmas will flank the street or stand at the doorway greeting the coming customer that is full of excitement and happy.

Christmas Day

Christmas cookiesand cakes are the major Christmas recipes. The smell and the decorations of them heighten everyone's appetite. People may overeaten.

Moderate exercise is more suitable after eating too much delicious Christmas foods. Powered by electricity, R5 electric folding bike is a perfect vehicle. Equipped with 16-inch wheel hub that minimizes rolling angle and optimizes holding capacity, Airwheel R5 ensures a smooth ride.

Once you steer on Airwheel R5, you will fall in love to ride. Probably you are not willing to move because of overeating. As a result, you can select the electricity-assisted mode in the beginning. Sit on the saddle and push the accelerator in the right handle to accelerate to enjoy an effortless ride.

electric aided-bicycle

After a while, you can alter to the power-assisted mode. According to different riders' force, the level of power assistance changes. If pedals reverse, it will realize a faster exit of power-assisted mode. The power-assisted mode is to make riding easier and R5 electric assist bike is able to achieve 100KM range in this mode. Also, you can digest the food faster in man-powered mode. You can pedal it to go forward to do exercise. To be fair, R5 will definitely arouse your enthusiasm.

City electric Bike

Not only in holidays you can ride Airwheel R5 portable e bike help aid digestion, but in everyday life people can also ride it to keep fit step by step after eating too much.

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