A safe riding with Airwheel smart electric hoverboard

Abstract: Safe travel has become a standing dish already. The majority of these accidents are caused by lack of safety consciousness and problematic safety equipments. Today, Airwheel would like to share some riding tips of intelligent electric scooters with riders in two aspects.

When we were kids, we were taught that we couldn't run the red light or walk reversed road, but many traffic accidents still have happened every year. Airwheel share some riding tips of intelligent electric scooters with riders in two aspects. Firstly, it is the safety awareness. Don't run the red light even there is no car. You lose nothing if you wait for tens of seconds or one minute.


Nevertheless, serious result may happen if you take a risk running the red light. Don't reversely ride the scooter. The urban roads are always crowded with people and vehicles. Thus, riding the scooter reversely is quite easily to have a collision and the result is horrible.

Riding on the sidewalk as possible as you can. Currently, there is no specific traffic laws to protect electric hoverboard, so sidewalk is the best choice. Besides, don't weave on the road, especially on motor vehicle lane. Don't wear earphones. It is a very bad habit that many people, especially young people have. If you are listening to music, then, whistles behind you can't be heard. Once the accident happens, the consequence is terrible. Pay attention to the road condition, but don't lower your head when riding. During the riding course, eyes had better look forward.


Second, the intelligent chip in each mode of Airwheel smart hoverboard is equipped with special protection mechanism, which helps the intelligent chip examine the state of electric scooter and alarm when the potential safety problems occur. When the electricity volume is less than 20%, the pedals of one-wheeled scooter will fall off slowly to warn the rider. Besides, when the speed is too high or the tilting angle is too large, the pedals will also react to protect the safety of the rider to the most degree.

Airwheel M3

Lastly, Airwheel devotes its efforts to produce high-quality electric mobility scooters, but it also very cares about the safety of riders. Airwheel really wishes every rider happier and healthier on the life road.