A Travelpro Owner Tells Us About a Narrow Escape

We recently received this note from David Ducharme, an adventure traveler and Travelpro user. While we’ve always touted the durability and ruggedness of the Travelpro backpacks, we never envisioned this.
David sent us this letter telling us about a motorcycle accident he was involved in this past March.
On March 14th, I was traveling by motorcycle in Nepal, from Kathmandu to Jiri.
While riding through the Himalayas on very narrow, sandy, gravel covered roads carved onto the sides of mountains, I experienced quite a close call. Riding my Royal Enfield 500 Bullet, a taxi was attempting to pass me to my right.
Unknown to me or the taxi driver, around the blind corner was a large Tata construction truck approaching at high speed. As I drove around the corner, the truck appeared.
To my immediate right side, the taxi had two choices, drive off the cliff or swerve left and hit me. He chose to hit me. As one would expect, my Bullet and I went down hard.
My bike sustained some damage, bent engine guard, foot pegs torn off, shifter stripped… (happy to send you the picture), my left side hit the ground pretty hard. Two broken ribs and a likely concussion, I was very lucky.
One of the things that saved me was my Kuhl jacket and my Travelpro backpack. I was bruised, battered, and broken under that jacket, but the jacket didn’t rip, and I didn’t tear any of my skin off.
I am convinced that my Kuhl jacket and my Travelpro back pack saved my skin, literally. So, thank you for producing quality, durable luggage, I will remain a loyal Travelpro customer.
Sincerely, David Ducharme