A wide range of Airwheel electric self-balancing bikes

Abstract: Different from other brands of self-balancing electric scooters, Airwheel wins not only from the high quality, stylish design, but also from a wider range of intelligent electric scooters than others do, including electric unicycles, twin-wheeled electric scooters and 2-wheeled electric scooters.

Airwheel rises to prominence due to its high quality and stylish design. Meanwhile the diversification of Airwheel is not ignored, making a variety of new products to meet the demands from different people, from electric unicycles, twin-wheeled electric scooters to 2-wheeled electric bikes. In March 2016, Airwheel released its new products in Germany exhibition. These new products were epoch-making and far-reaching.

Drifting Electric Board

Airwheel S8 and Z5 create a convenient and eco-friendly modern life. Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter supports sit-ride-mode and stand-ride-mode, bidding farewell to a boring riding process. Furthermore, the enlarged 10 inch wheels enable S8 to adapt to more road conditions, with brilliant traffic ability. For Airwheel Z5 standing up electric bikes, the modular battery design with USB port makes Z5 unparalleled. As long as rider steers Airwheel Z5, it is available to charge his phone everywhere.

Now, wearable equipment dominates the market and Airwheel felt obliged to throw itself into the field of wearable equipment, C3 and C5 smart helmets showing its capability. The two helmets are mainly used for protecting the rider from hurt as well as to enrich the journey. Coupled with Bluetooth and accompanying camera, C3 and C5 are capable of answering phone calls in riding, more secure and convenient and enable riders to take photographs or videos anytime, anywhere

saddle-equipped scooter

Home to top-notch researchers, Airwheel is cooperating with elite research institutes and universities in the field of AI, with annual millions of capital investment. Hard work bears its fruits. Airwheel was successful in applying its new technology of AI to Airwheel S9 robot with wheels, which is able to avoid the obstacle before it, makes an optimal route and enables the interaction between human and computers.

In the future, Airwheel will focus on artificial intelligence products and the smart transportation vehicles covering navigation, submersible vehicles and Family Housekeeper robot etc. are also in its plan.

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