About The Evolvement Of Cutting-Edge Technology Of Airwheel Smart Mars Rover

Abstract: Airwheel grows and thrives as a tech company specializing in smart gadgets, like the electric scooter, e bike, helmet camera as well as the latest smart electric wheelchairs. Through years of arduous effort, Airwheel is rightly the exemplar of technology.

As a tech company, mastering the core technology is crucial to Airwheel. Through years of arduous effort, Airwheel is rightly the exemplar of technology. Its core products include portable smart transportation vehicles, service robots, intelligent helmets, underwater propeller and surfboard etc. Thanks to a detailed global market research, Airwheel products have avoided the defects of similar products and taken the leading position on the market. Today, the cutting-edge technology of Airwheel mars rovers will be expounded.

Airwheel Q5

The first generation of Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters, represented by X series, Q series, S series and A series with the learning difficulty decreasing progressively adopt aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. When they were released, they caused a stir in the market because of the unique ride mode. Even though the S6 and S8 mini self-balancing scooters are touted by the dual ride modes, either sitting on the saddle to ride, or standing on the board to progress, the control theory is the same as the above.

Airwheel S5

Then, the wireless connection is introduced to the sector of electric vehicles. Airwheel made efforts and broke through to realise this application of wireless connection into mobile phone via App. A3 is the first model equipped with App that can be downloaded online (). Riders can check instant info about Airwheel and do commands through the App. The GPS and other personalized settings offer you a better riding experience.

Airwheel E6

The Airwheel E series and R series of smart e bikes stand for the next generation of Airwheel. The intelligent electric bikes have nothing to do with the above control mode. The E series belong to the chain-less bikes, counting on the accelerators mounted on the handles to go forward and R series are chain-equipped, featuring multiple ride modes. One R model equals at least three different vehicles, the bike, the e bike and the moped. What will the future generation models of Airwheel be like? Let us wait and see.


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