About The Installation and Usage of Airwheel H3 Electric Wheelchair

Abstract: Airwheel H3 starts a new series—smart wheelchair, featuring by the automatic folding system, thoughtful handlebar and smart phone Apps etc. today, we will focus on one of the most important components—controller.

4 wheels electric wheelchair

First, it is about the controller installation of Airwheel H3 electric wheelchair. Insert the fixing lever of the controller into the square tube and adjust the position of the controller to the appropriate position, and tighten the fixing bolt to fasten it. There are two charging ports, one is located below the controller and the other is located on one side of the battery box.

Airwheel H3

Five major buttons will be introduced. First, the power button: Press the button and the power is on, then press the button for another time, the power is off. Second, higher speed and lower speed adjusting button: speed of five levels is available: Press the slower speed once, and the speed will be reduced by one level; Press the higher speed once and the speed will be increased by one level. Thirdly, LED light of five scales for charge volume display: when battery is fully charged, the 5 scale light is on, and each scale represents 20% of the charge. When only 2-scale light is on, it is advisable to charge the wheelchair, which is better for the battery duration. When only 1-scale light is on, it warns that battery is under low charge condition. In this event, it is not allowed to use H3 smart wheelchair continuously; otherwise, the battery will keep discharging and be damaged. Fourthly, speed display meter: there are five scales in the display meter, representing the respective adjusted speed state. Lastly, horn button: Press the button the buzzer will buzz; release the button, the buzzer stop buzzing.

smart wheelchair

The controller controls H3 to go forward, backward, and turn left and right, and to accelerate, decelerate and brake. After opening the switch button, push the rod forward vertically and H3 moves forward. More forward, the faster the speed. Release the rod to slow down and when fully released, the rod is reset and H3 folding electric wheelchair stops and is in the braking state. Similarly, turn the rod to left or right, H3 will turn left or right. Any question, please contact Airwheel.


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