Additionally, Airwheel M3 electric hoverboard is equipped with a remote control

Abstract: The relationship that parents share with their children is so pure and unique that no words can explain or cover the emotions that related to it. That relationship can go on by riding Airwheel M3 motorized skateboard to bond with your kids although jobs drive people crazy.

There is no question on the presence of love between a parent and his or her child. Some people feel this is the only relationship worth trusting. The biggest problem is that nowadays most parents find it extremely difficult to bond with their children as they do not have enough time to spend with their children.

In this competitive environment, surviving is not an easy job and to make ends meet, both mother and father often have to work.

M3 self-balancing air board

M3 rolls on a set of 4.5-inch wheels, covered maple board for the feet. Since the decal stick on the board is replaceable, M3 allows you and your kids together to DIY it. It must have a blast for your children. It's powered by rechargeable Sony battery that makes it reach up to the maximum speed /h. It's not only a toy for kids, but also for parents to skateboard it. That speed M3electric hoverboard boasts can meet adults' need.

Airwheel M3

Additionally, M3 is equipped with a remote control, so it's called wireless remote control skateboard. That remote control is the thing that controls the speed and running directions. Hence, you and your kids can finish the skateboarding together. One is skateboarding with M3 electric skateboard, the other operating the remote control.

By sliding the big button in charge of riding speed, you can enjoy freedom offered by the ride. Slide the button forward, and M3 will speed up; slide the button backward, and it will slow down. It's amazing to enjoy the variable speeds on the streets.

By riding Airwheel M3, you can bond with your kids. It's a sort effective communication way between parents and children.

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