Adventure Travel Packing List

Our friend and travel writer, Mark Eveleigh, has started a great blog about his adventure travels around the world. He
recently published an interesting blog post of his definitive list of important things to take on a trip.
You probably know you can’t just throw a few items into a suitcase and head out on the road; these trips call for a lot of advance preparation. Though it’s nowhere near comprehensive, here’s a look at some of the things you might want to bring along:
Mark Eveleigh sporting his TPro Rolling Duffel.
First, you’ll need a backpack, day bag, duffel bag or roll-top bags — depending on the type of travel you’re planning, and things to keep the contents of those bags safe and dry. The T-Pro® Bold luggage collection from Travelpro has a variety duffel bags, backpacks and uprights that are ideal for adventure traveler.
You’ll also want to bring along a knife (like a Swiss Army or Leatherman tool) and some waterproof sun block. You’ll also need a sleeping bag, and a mosquito net if you’ll be traveling somewhere with big bugs. Bring a flashlight and headlamp with standard-size batteries — in fact, bring a couple for spares. Of course, if you’re flying, you’ll need to put the knife in a checked bag.
Don’t forget your must-have toiletries, insect repellent and a towel.
Where clothes are concerned, pack with common sense. You’ll need good boots or cross-country shoes, a pair of comfier shoes to bum around in after a day of walking, mosquito-safe clothes like long-sleeved, button-down shirts and socks you can tuck your pants into. You’ll want a good hat and maybe some bandanas, and swim trunks if you’ll be near water.
Pack a hidden pouch or wallet, or somewhere you can put an emergency stash of cash.
Now, for some tech tools. (Yes, even if you’re roughing it.) First, the essentials: a cell phone with international data plan or SIM card, travel power adapter and a GPS unit. Pack your camera, plus extra memory cards and spare batteries.
Some optional tools include Spot Messenger (), a device that can record your position and post it online or to your e-mail contacts, and a portable hard drive to transfer your photos to when you download them.
Silica gel — the kind you find in nearly every shoe box — can also be a good idea to keep moisture away from your precious electronics. Save the packs you get when you make purchases, and keep them handy for these trips.
And don’t forget about your dining essentials: a bowl, plate, utensils and cup, plus a reusable water-bottle for your travel days (and water purification tablets if you’ll be somewhere with an unreliable water supply).
You might also consider packing vitamin supplements to keep you feeling balanced, and a small kit of hot sauce and some herbs and spices to keep your meals a little more interesting.
And in any of your adventure travels, never leave home without a first-aid kit! You may be able to start a fire in a cave or parachute off a mountain, but you’re nothing without some ointment and an Ace bandage in case of emergency.
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