Airwheel A3: a Sitting Posture Self-Balancing Scooter, Can You Imagine?

Abstract: In addition to Airwheel X, Q and S series, designers have introduced the Airwheel A series. The main difference from previous products is that it can be seated as it is a sitting posture self-balancing scooter. The unique appearance and powerful hardware make it more popular and enjoyed by a wider audience.


In addition to Airwheel X, Q and S series, we have introduced the Airwheel A series. The main difference with previous products is that can be seated which is a sitting posture self-balancing scooter. We can analyze this fashionable scooter in the aspect of the unique appearance and powerful hardware.

First of all, let’s look at the unique design of appearance. Airwheel A3, self-balancing scooter with seat, has light and extraordinary magnesium alloy frame, with the feature of anti-scratch. What’s more, the outside shell is made of nanometer mixed material which keeps the appearance always new and hard to fade. The color collocation of matte white and vibrant orange constantly spread the feeling of joy, leading the sports fashion. "V" lines and angular seat, breaks through the conventional standing and running mode by applying the principle of human body engineering, so as to let the rider enjoy comfortable seats. It has innovative 4 inch LED digital display, which help you hold a panoramic view, including velocity, temperature, the amount of electricity, the mileage, accurate monitoring.

saddle-equipped self-balancing intelligent scooter

Then the powerful hardware of Airwheel A3 will be introduced. As the advanced electric scooter, it adopts special magnetic suspension motor with super power but being ultra-quiet. Magnetic levitation motor makes use of magnetic suspension bearings, which is the latest technology of motor. It can save radial load, making the motor be more durable. Secondly, it has oleo damper with more than one million times of detection. A3 applies hydraulic shock absorbers, with sensitive response and smooth operation. Even if the road is bumpy and winding, it also can be comfortable for the rider. Thirdly, electronic brake system takes electronic control instead of the traditional mechanical transmission to complete the brake which makes the brake transient response accurate and safe.

Extremely simple geometry to construct models, appearance with uncompromising attention to detail, high-quality materials and fashion design, all these make you always on the cutting edge of fashions.

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