Airwheel A6S Self-balancing Electric Wheelchair – Ready For You To Drive Around

Abstract: Airwheel A6S not only converts your present manual wheelchair into a motorized wheelchair! It is either a hand-push wheelchair or an electric wheelchair for your option against your standards. The moment A6S was rolled out it immediately became the focus.

Airwheel maintains its reputation by actively pursuing the highest levels of customer care and integrity. When the Airwheel A3 was released, it caused a sensation in the self-balancing electric scooter sector. A3 is the first saddle-equipped electric scooter with 4 inch LED display screen, hydraulic shock absorber, electronic brake and app. Two years later, a new model was added to A series—A6S self-balancing wheelchair which installs gyro system, alterable handlebar, automatic kickstands and intelligent LED lights to make a stir.

Airwheel A6S wheelchair

The versatile wheelchair is assembled with aluminium alloy foldable chair, lithium battery, breathable seat and back cushions, and removable handrails etc., which could be a transport wheelchair when you remove the handrail. Its comfortable saddle is designed under the ergonomic principle, offering more comfortable ride than others do. A6S power wheelchair is equipped with intelligent handlebar controller. Rider can sit on the saddle and push the handlebar controller to turn directions. To go forward or backward, riders can lean their body forward or backward due to the built-in gyro system. The controller can be installed on either the left or the right handrail.

Airwheel A6S balance wheelchair

Airwheel A6S lightweight folding wheelchair is either a hand-push wheelchair or an electric wheelchair for your option against your standards. Otherwise, it has two kinds of brake system-manual and electric. Please kind note that you only use the wheelchair in manual mode when running out of power. Another innovation of A6S is the automatic kickstands. Riders can go anywhere and park it anywhere, which is super convenient. The wheels are 14inch with special tread has excellent grip performance, nonslip allowing A6S to conquer various road conditions, whose weight capacity is 90kg. Also, there is a large LED display that can be upgraded precisely shows the real-time data.

Airwheel A6S Selfbalance wheelchair

To conclude, A6S motorized wheelchair is reputed as the convenient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly transport for the senior citizens currently, which will lead the future personal transport for the old.