Airwheel A6T intelligent self-balancing wheelchair is ideal for indoor or outdoor use

Abstract: Airwheel excels in delivering flexible, customized solutions for people’s travel. Whether you require an electric scooter or a power chair for your parents, we have the experience to ensure your satisfaction is exceeded. A6Tmedical equipmentis ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Airwheel’s constant drive towards recognition as the sector reference and benchmark for product and service quality worldwide is spearheaded by a sharp needs-oriented focus, and the credibility we foster with our customers through the consistency and reliability of our products. Airwheel provides the widest range of mars rovers and industry experience while delivering the lowest cost of ownership for our customers. In addition to the travel mate for the young, Airwheel released A6Tintelligent self-balancing wheelchair for the aged and the people who are physically disabled.Airwheel A6T medical equipment(1).

Airwheel A6T is extremely accessible to it’s user thanks to the gyro system and smart handlebar, which allows riders to enjoy a safe and easy ride. New seating includes extra padding for additional comfort and support. Riders can sit on the saddle and lean forward or backward to go forward and backward. That is, riders control A6Twheelchair with handlebarby changing the body gravity centre. To turn directions, riders can push the middle handlebar to the left or right. Also, the width adjustable handlebarallows the user to customizeto suit their individual needs. Moreover, the 4 inch integrated high resolution screen mounted on the handlebar shows the real-time speed, mileage, temperature and battery level.Airwheel A6T smart self balancing wheelchair(1).

In addition, A6T self-balance wheelchairhas excellent traffic ability in outdoors. Solid, non-marking tiresprevent any unwanted punctures. The large wheels that are specially designed are born to conquer different road conditions. And with the upgrade elastic kickstands in the front and rear, A6T can be parked stably and safely, anytime and anywhere.Airwheel A6T wheelchair with handlebar(1).

Besides the powerful functions, A6T’s appearance is stylish and provides the aged people an opportunity to follow the fashion trend and to lead as active lifestyle, as the young. To sum up, Airwheel A6Trobot from electric wheelchairis perfect for indoor and outdoor use.