Airwheel announced its new products of intelligent self-balancing scooters in September.

Abstract: On 29 September, Airwheel made another announcement of new products. This was the second new product conference of Airwheel in this year of 2015. In this festival product conference, Airwheel released four models of intelligent self-balancing scooters.

It is nearly three month since last new product conference of Airwheel, in which the intelligent self-balancing scooter S5 and the two-wheeled intelligent scooter A3 were pushed out to the public. On 29 September, Airwheel made another announcement of new products.

Being the first model released in the product conference of Airwheel, the intelligent self-balancing scooter S6 came as a new member of S-series. S6 is completely different from S3 and S5. S6 does not adopt the control shaft, whereas it is equipped with a saddle. Of course, it follows the two-structure of S-series. It looks like a combination of S-series and A-series. Its low chassis lowers the gravity of the whole scooter and thereby it gains a better ability to maintain balance when it travels.

Airwheel F3

The second model was a set of electric unicycle—F3. People resist asking why Airwheel released another electric unicycle since it had several models of electric unicycles. The single-wheeled scooter F3 has its own features. It is hollow and thinner. These features contribute to the loss of weight of F3 and therefore it is lighter than previous models.

A skateboard-liked electric scooter was also the models rolled out by Airwheel. That is M3. M3 strongly resembles the traditional skateboard. However, such is not the case. M3 is powered by electricity. Therefore M3 can go forward with no need of physical force from the user. At the same time, M3 shares the same energetic impression as the traditional skateboard.

Airwheel M3

The last one Z3 looks like mini electricity-assisted scooter. This time, Airwheel applied its advanced technology and design and reshaped the traditional electricity-assisted scooter. This kind of application has to be easier to gain currency in the market for scooter.

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