Airwheel C Series Expands With the Amazing Emergence of C6 Open Face Helmet and C8 Full Face Helmet

Abstract: On the occasion of a new year, Airwheel brings another wave of welfares for riders. Instead of intelligent electric scooters or e bikes, this time it rolls out the humanized helmet C6 specially designed for motorcycle riders and helmet C8 used for cycle racing. The three types of helmets, C5, C6 and C8, almost cover all the application fields. Here is a detailed description for their features, functions and applications.

The CES 2017 has just closed successfully and the new arrivals like C6 motorcycle helmet, C8 racing helmets and F3 drone were showcased and warmly welcomed with their new face, outstanding features and utility.

AIrwheel C6

Answering phone calls, listening to music or taking photos under the moving status, after all, are full of risks. Riders who always commute deeply know the significance. But sometimes, simply riding seems really boring for them. A good news is that Airwheel C5 and new members C6 and C8 will help to deal with it. First thing first, they should be the safe equipment for protecting head from any strike. Specifically speaking, C5 is normally used for bicycle rider, C6 motorcycle helmet is regarded as the most suitable helmet applied in motorcycling while C8 racing helmet, just as its name implies, is customized for racing. Therefore, each of them has its position.

Airwheel C8

Sharing the same awesome functions and features, these three gadgets are coupled with high resolution sport camera for shooting pictures and taking videos only by pushing the button in the side face. The 120°wide angle view of the intelligent accompanying camera on C6 & C8 can assist users to capture the significant moment they meet. Besides, the built-in Wi-Fi module also brings great convenience for sharing pictures or videos with others. What’s more, clicking the answer key to pick up phone calls largely raises the safety level. Plus, the windbreak and denoiser microphone of C series smart helmets can filter external environment noise to ensure the clear call even when you are moving.

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