Airwheel C5 as An helmet camera, What You See is What You Get

Abstract: For safety, helmet is necessary for cyclists. Recently, Airwheel C5 helmet camera has brought out a new product – Airwheel C5, which offers the cyclists a visual feast while providing a safety riding and realize what you see is what you get.

When it comes to Airwheel, people often associate with various series of electric scooters it has launched. Recently, Airwheel has introduced a new product C5. Different from the usual products, Airwheel C5 is an smart helmet with multiple functions.

High qualtiy sports Helmet

With 2304×1296 high-definition resolution, Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display can provide high quality, full resolution and high pixel HDR video even for extreme changes in light and dark conditions. It can ensure the high contrast and excellent scene reproduction. The technology is based on the "sequential HDR" or line based "interleaved HDR", the sensor OV4689 provides timing framework for full resolution HDR and 1/4 HDR with the “interlacing HDR”. Adopted double kernel CPU, it can reduce the consumption and alleviate heat-dissipation problem.

intelligent helmet with action camera

With motion cameras installed in the helmet, the scenery can be captured during the thrilling ride, like downhill skiing or mountain biking. It can realize “WYSIWYG”. The camera captures the wonderful moments, the lens reflect the daily romance and the photos record the detail of life. The 2000mAh large battery can offers a full entertainment journey with continuous capture. Airwheel C5 helmet breaks the traditional riding routine. It is a good company during the adventure sports and a very good choice in terms of functions. The effective shooting absolutely caters for recording trivial things and sports news at will in our daily life.

helmet camera

With max internal storage 128G, Airwheel C5 sport camera can store more splendid moments. You can record at any time in the life of the bit here and share your pictures, access to the latest friend with WIFI transmission. Smart helmet C5 is equipped with the built-in WIFI modules which can connect to mobile phones and indoor networks hot spot. Except the pictures, you can also share the wonderful videos with your friends via kinds of social media.

Airwheel C5 makes the riding to be an interesting journey instead of a burden for safety.