Airwheel C5 smart helmet gives full support for each of your personality play

Abstract: Have you ever felt helpless? You have no choice but safety in consideration. Incitant sport makes you fully concentrated, without extra energy to take photos and shoot videos. Wonderful moments are to miss repeatedly. Intelligent helmet C5 is specially designed for you to keep you safe and to record the wonderful moments.

Airwheel intelligent helmet C5, coupled with Bluetooth, accompanying camera, HD acoustics and LCD is specially designed for you to keep you safe and to record the wonderful moments. It adopts an integrated technology, with excellent toughness and strength which can bear impact to protect head safety effectively.

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Intelligence endows life with more possibilities. 150°view-shed accompanying cameraenables riders to take pictures or video. Keeping records of riding scenery with one key to control, C5 presents a supreme and impeccable picture. Motion cameras installed in the helmet will shake and lead to improper vision of the scenery. The camera on smart helmet C5 is closer to the eyes, WYSIWYG.

What’s more, C5 smart helmet can be connected with the phone, just like the self-balancing electric scooters. Via the App, riders can control the video, take pictures and retrospect the wonderful images thanks to the simplified operation. The built-in wifi modules enable it to connect to mobile phones and indoor network hot spot so that you can share the wonderful videos to your friends via kinds of social media.

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Wearing headphones to listen to music is risky, however, the high quality Bluetooth speaker can enable you to enjoy music and meanwhile to hear the external sound, ensuring that you are ready to deal with emergencies anytime(compatible with mainstream equipment). Airwheel C5 cool motorcycle helmet improves air flow by virtue of the front air intake design, deep ventilation slots, top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole. As we know, 80% of the human body heat is shed from head.

In conclusion, Airwheel C5 accompanies you both in the air and underground, giving full support for each of your personality play.