Airwheel C5 Smart Helmet Greatly Enriches Riding Process

Abstract: Keeping pace with the times, Airwheel C5 smart helmet not only ensures your safety, but also enriches your riding process.

Nowadays, with the prevalence of network and smart devices, taking selfies, answering phones and playing music have become inseparable from people's life. Even when riding, some people do these activities, which puts their safety in danger. It's against this background that Airwheel C5 smart helmet appears. Keeping pace with the times,

Moreover, with the application of unibody technology, C5 is excellent in crush-resistance and toughness, able to bear great impact and ensure your safety. In addition, taking consideration of sweating during the riding process, Airwheel C5 helmet has a comprehensive ventilation system, which improves air flow and offers a cool wearing experience, letting you stay comfortable even in long time riding.

helmet camera

Able to produce high-quality pictures and videos, Airwheel C5 helmet is an edge tool to record your travels. With one key to control, the built-in camera of C5 enables you to catch every meaningful moment safely and easily. Having exquisite lens and 150-degree large view, the camera can reproduce everything vividly. With the splendid pictures and videos taken, you can also offer an immersive watching experience to others. More surprisingly, able to connect with App and WIFI, C5 can be controlled by your smart phone while enabling you to transmit pictures and videos to various social platforms, letting you share the joy of riding with others effortlessly.

intelligent helmet with action camera

Supporting listening to music and answering phones while riding, Airwheel C5 helmet with action camera adds much fun to your journey. Having a quality Bluetooth speaker, C5 lets you enjoy music while being able to hear the outside sounds, giving you a safe and enjoyable ride. And having a windbreak and denoiser microphone, C5 guarantees a clear call during riding.

To conclude, Airwheel C5 smart helmet lets you have fun on the premise of ensuring your safety.