Airwheel C8 Smart Racing Helmet Provides Protection and Joy to Riders

Abstract: Over past few years, a raft of scooter-makers sprung up joining the heated competition. Airwheel is a famous scooter-maker, who takes pride in its innovation and the wide range of electric scooters. In 2016 Airwheel was intent on entering the field of helmet and released C series of smart helmet.

Over past years, Airwheel spared no effort in R & D of Airwheel wearable equipment. The fact showed that Airwheel successfully developed one type of wearable equipment—C5, which took aback a lot of customers. At the beginning of 2017, another two helmets join C series—C6 and C8. C8 smart helmet is designed for racers.

Airwheel C8

Since racing helmets became general standard equipment, there have been many improvements made to their design to cope with the increases in power and speed of racing cars. Airwheel C8 smart motorcycle helmet employs ABS materials to protect the head, featuring high impact strength, good stability and high level of electrical performance and abrasion resistance. The venting system has been dramatically optimized and the head girth can be adjusted, thus allowing a more comfortable wearing experience.

Airwheel C8

The most distinctive feature of C8 racing helmet lies in its intelligence. In the bottom of the gadget, it is inserted with a high quality lens, which can present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance. The max internal storage large enough for you to store as many videos as possible. It realizes 4 hours continuous shooting, absolutely meeting the needs of riding shooting. A 120°wide view –shed accompanying camera enables riders to take pictures or videos.

Airwheel C8

When cyclists ride on roads, it serves as an efficient data recorder which can record accidents as well as wonderful moments. In addition, C8 smart racing helmet has some other functions. It allows riders to share the beautiful scenery with friends, by the built-in Wi-Fi modules when connected to the phone. It can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth, thus enabling riders to answer phones and listen to music during the journey. Stunning tone quality lets you enjoy a clear sound and a safe ride. The trip will be much delightful. In a word, Airwheel C8 smart motorcycle helmet meets riders' any requirement.


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