Airwheel E3 Folding e-bike Rocks Your World

Abstract: Airwheel design and development team is always committed to designing and building intelligent scooters to compete with high-end brands. What came out the other end is a uniquely stylish high-performance and intelligent Airwheel E3 foldable e bike. It can really rock your world.

Airwheel E3 e bike is designed as an entry level, to make riding more fun even for more advanced riders. Quick-fold design, branded Li-ion battery, light weight and rubber saddle makes E3 Smart E Bike the new benchmark in the 2 wheel category.

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Two-eyes featured, Airwheel E3 electric folding bike adopts light aluminum alloy frame, which makes 11.1kg body bear 100kg load. The E3 is convenient, portable and sporty for riders because of the multiple folding systems. It can easily be folded into size 474*399*374mm. Small as a backpack and weight only 12.5kg, Airwheel E3 is quite portable. Toss a couple into the back of your car for further adventuring. It can also be easily loaded onto elevator, subway and office. With the Airwheel E3, you simply hop on, start it up and go. You're already in balance because you're sitting on the rubber saddle, which makes riding more confortable. What's more, while stopped, there's no need to find a parking lot.

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Electric power drive and braking system integrates the electric motor into the wheel hub, which eliminates the need for a chain. The Airwheel E3 produces zero emissions and reduces traffic congestion. You will be feeling great about your new ride and about your contribution to a cleaner and better planet. An intelligent and fault self-diagnosis App gives you feedback of riding data, personal setting and real-time position. You can check and control the bike situation easily.

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More ride time and foldable design sounds awesome, right? It does. E3 foldable smart bike delivers a whole list of benefits. So choose your next-time electric bike style. It's time to revolutionize the way you get from place to place.