Airwheel E6 Foldable Electric Bike Brings Girls a Cute Ride

Abstract: Intelligent, cool and environmentally friendly–that is the common impression Airwheel leaving on people, which is also the reason for attracting so many people. Actually, among various kinds of Airwheel scooters, there is such an adorable as Airwheel E6 electric bicycle entitled as Urban Elf and it is also the latest model of Airwheel.

Compared with single-wheeled hub, the two-wheeled design has a wider area with the ground and stronger braking power. Also, it accelerates faster and travels steadier, which makes it easier for girls, especially beginners.

folding ebike

For girls, Airwheel E6 is more handy and portable. In terms of its outlook design, Airwheel E6 features its white body, simple lines, perfect curves and cute colors. This is definitely a must-have for pretty girls. Airwheel E6 also adopts 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, offering more powerful and stable force.

Airwheel E6 is exquisite and specially designed for girls, easy to fold, quickly fold in one second. Also, E6 foldable intelligent e bike is extremely light, 12.6kg item weight, as it is made of aluminum alloy. Main body, seat, handle bars, pedals can all be folded. It can be easily carried into buses, subways, cars and other transportation.


What makes Airwheel E6 Urban Elf is not its small and cute outlook but its zero pollution and low noise, which sweeps a wave of green travel through the city. It is powered by electricity from imported Panasonic lithium battery that equips it with stronger power and much lower energy consumption. Even for those cute girls who have little knowledge of any technology related, they can change the battery to realize long range. What’s more, an USB power supply is added to the battery of Airwheel E6 electric bicycle. You can charge your devices any time when needed, such as USB night light and smart phone etc.

electric folding bicycle

Apart from being cool and low-carbon, Airwheel electric scooters can also be cute for girls. Airwheel E6 best electric bike, adorable and quiet, reckoned as Urban Elf, serves as the best choice for girls.