Airwheel E6 smart Electric Folding Bike alters your transporting modality.

Abstract: Have you ever given up the intelligent electric scooter due to the high-difficulty learning process? Or an electric scooter is left in the corner at your home since it is not as practical as you imagine? While, it will be less charming without natural ride ability and practicability. AirwheelE6 smart electric bike enables riders to bid farewell to those impressions.

High-difficulty learning process? Not as practical as you imagine? Now, bid farewell to those impressions, AirwheelE6 smart electric bike alters your transporting way.

Foldable Electric Bike

As other two-wheel models in Airwheel, E6 is equipped with 8inch tires. In combination with the creative black technology C-AT Vehicle Control System upgraded by Airwheel after thousand times of experimental test, AirwheelE6 electric assist bike is able to achieve better stability and operation. The 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, integrated with the electrical power drive system, transmission device and the electrical braking system, offers more powerful and stable force. Hence, AirwheelE6 can reach the max speed of /h with 30°climbing angle.

Airwheel Battery

AirwheelE6 e-bike is made of aluminium alloy, light and portable, with the item weight of 12.6kg. The easy and innovative folding system facilitates E6 to become a vehicle that can be carried around.

The Solid X shape externality with independent patent technology has made AirwheelE6 more appealing, distinguished from others in the market. The same to its saddle design in human engineering. To gain comfortable riding experience, E6 chooses the rubber saddle in left-right design with balanced force and good ventilation.

electric folding bicycle

Since the USB port design in the Z5's battery turns out to be a great success, AirwheelE6 foldable electric bike continues such design. With the 247.9 wh battery capacity, riders can upgrade the range according to their own demands. For the APP, in addition to the real-time positioning, riding data checking, personal setting and alarm system, it is capable of fault self-diagnosis to guarantee your safety before travelling. Combined with the attentive intelligent design to set the speed level, AirwheelE6 is easy to control even for the first timers.

AirwheelE6 was born to alter your transporting modality.