Airwheel E6 X shaped folding electric bike is a convenient transport for work

Abstract: Following the traffic jam, the environment is polluted by a huge quantity of exhaust emissions. Many traffic management departments rack their brains all the time so as to solve such a problem peacefully. Airwheel E6 intelligent folding electric bike is able to change their present situation.

Is there a transport that is able to change the present situation of those salaried people? The answer is Airwheel E6 folding electric bike. Airwheel E6 is the innovative new transport yet useful for most of the people. It brings convenience to urban people's life.

foldable electric bike with app

Airwheel E6 smart e bike is small-sized, whose height, length and thickness are 465mm, 950mm and 160mm respectively. Besides, it is also light-weighted and just weighs 14.15kg. That is to say, it is an easy-to-carry transport. Users can carry it or put it in bag when taking public transportation, like subway or bus. E6 is coupled with car-level Li-ion battery set, light and delicate. Also, an USB port is added to the battery.

Ebike 300w

Therefore, it not only caters for the concept of “green travel”, but also belongs to energy-saving products. The maximum range is based on the spare batteries you prepare. In addition, the adopted imported lithium-ion battery, high-end n tyre and other high-quality materials make the service life of E6 much longer than ordinary electric scooters. More importantly, the affordable price is one of outstanding highlights of E6. In other words, Airwheel E6 enjoys excellent cost performance.

folding urban ebike

On the one hand, it can avoid the traffic congestion in rush hours and save much more valuable time for people. On the other hand, it has no parking problem and it even can be carried into office. Airwheel folding electric bike E6's main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can be folded, so that it can be easily carried into buses, subways and trains etc.

All in all, Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is convenient, eco-friendly and economical transport.

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