Airwheel electric scooters Keeps on Moving to Release its New Product

Abstract: To survive in this epoch, we must be creative with keeping forging ahead. Airwheel Technology Company does make it by showing a good example to release a range of new products with its spirit of innovation.

To survive in this epoch, we must be creative with keeping forging ahead. If we get lazy with no ambition to make progress, then only one result is waiting for us to knock out. As Airwheel showing a good example, it has released its new products lately. The new products are electric scooter S6, Z3, F3 and M3. In general they are all portable, intelligent and faddish.

To mention Z3 electric motor, its modeling makes us think of pervasive electric bike. We have to admit that it's a little similar. Nevertheless, its streamlined design with premium materials is completely distinctive from the bike when we see it closely.


Let our attention transfer to S6 which is also two-wheeled electric scooter as Z3. For S6's highlight, it is the special cushion. According to different requirements from riders, this cushion can be adjustable regards to its height. For some people who prefer to stand to ride, they just adjust the support bar into the shortest.

The last one is M3 electric skateboards, which is as the same as skateboard without a carful observation. At the first sight, it really makes me call up my childhood. Play the skateboard with friends in different pavements like flat road, steep mountain road or slopes. Although it brought me endless joy, the tires were often worn out since its low quality.

Airwheel F3

However, M3, a wireless remote control skateboard with high-quality tires provided by Cheng Shin Tire is rather durable. It offers us a strong backing to challenge the limit. By reason that its driving force is from battery, it can climb up to slopes easily compared with the traditional skateboard. With its better skid resistance, it's a good chance to try what you want. Among those four products, M3 is my favorite.

Thanks to Airwheel's progress, let us enjoy riding. We are expecting it can keep on moving forever.

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