Airwheel electric scooters Makes You Enjoy Your “Quality Time” with Your Pet Dogs

Abstract: Nowadays, keeping pets for some persons is an essential part of their daily life among which the dogs and cats rank in the top. While the busy work of their owners often leave them unhappy and unhealthy. Here comes a novel vehicle for you to enjoy your “quality time” with your pet dogs—Airwheel electric walkcar.

You may regret for not spending more time with your dogs. But every time you walk your dog, you will feel tired because you dogs are too excited to drag you everywhere. Now, do not worry because Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter will solve this problem for you.

Airwheel S8

To begin with, Airwheel so far is home to seven series of different electric scooters(X-, Q-, S-, A-, M-, Z-,and E series), which can be broadly classified into electric scooters, electric skateboards and smart electric bikes, according to their operation mode. Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter applies gyroscopic sensors to maintain balance by leaning forward and backward. Airwheel smart electric bikes and foldable electric scooters are controlled by the accelerator in the handlebar. Among them, there is always one for you.

The top speed of Airwheel electric scooters can reach 20 km/h, which is also the most favorable speed of big dogs like dachshunds. In addition to the speed, the range of Airwheel personal electric scooter suffices, either by large battery capacity or by modular battery design. Long-distances will make your puppy get down and sleep when they get home.

Smart E Bike

With Airwheel, you are able to “run” as fast as your dogs. The embarrassing situation in which you are dragging by your dog around will not happen again. Also, the powerful Airwheel is able to negotiate various road conditions. Any place you can go with your pet dogs is also accessible with Airwheel. When you are enjoying the time with your dog on the grass, just put down your Airwheel and have a good time. The small sized electric scooters will not be your burden, as they are extremely portable and can be taken into any place.