Airwheel Folding Electric bike leads the Next Phase for E-bike

Abstract: No need of taking hours to practice and master the bike, Airwheel liberates the beginners to handle e-bike easily. Airwheel has used the combined industry knowledge to simplify the riding experience. Portable and easy to learn, Airwheel folding electric bike has a considerable market share in the two-wheel vehicle market.

The electric mobility revolution is in full swing. Although some attention tends to get focused on the electric cars and buses and such, the promising selling electric vehicles can be actually electric bicycles. Airwheel folding electric bike leads the next phase for e-bike, not only for convenient but also for eco-friendly and economical.

citizen e-bike

E-bikes don't need a license and any additional infrastructure to operate. With zero-emissions at the point of use, they are increasingly appealing option for low-carbon and low-cost mobility. In addition to the fact that the battery technology is improving all the time, both in increased capacity and decreased costs. Airwheel e-bikes are a great multi-modal option for increasingly crowded cities. That's no wonder that e-bike market is exploding.

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Discarding the sealed lead-acid batteries, the adoption of Li-ion battery technology is less environmentally harmful option than sealed lead-acid batteries. Along with delivering higher performance, Li-ion battery plays a large role in the Airwheel electric moped bike market. Rising levels of population density and traffic jam are driving people's interest in different modes of transportation. In this trend, Airwheel electric power bicycle can be uniquely positioned to be a primary benefactor.

Airwheel electric bikes are enjoying an ongoing boom. New, younger consumer groups are discovering this new concept of vehicle and in sporting and leisure contexts. E-bikes now account for a significant proportion of turnover of major cycle manufacturers. Airwheel has already developed R5 electric assist bike to lead this trend.