Airwheel good quality electric hoverboard Legal yet Safe

Abstract: Several accidents happened in UK because of the hoverbords' low quality. It's extremely vital to choose a safe yet legal scooter like Airwheel self-balancing scooter.

More than 15,000 unsafe hoverboards—otherwise known as self-balancing scooters have been seized at ports and airports around the UK. This piece of news is from BBC. Since hoverboards are popular with celebrities, plenty of people just blindly follow the trend.


Trading Standards officers said the boards were in danger of overheating, exploding or catching fire. The London Fire Brigade said at least three house fires were caused by such devices over 10 days in October. It doesn't mean we should ride scooters, but choose the right one, conforming all Quality Standards and Trading Standards. Airwheel electric scooter is one of the legal scooters conforming to all certification standards.

Airwheelelectric hoverboard have got through the tests of GTS. The report from above proves that electric scooters made by Airwheel are safe to be used. GTS is the most authoritative third-part testing agency especially for electronic devices. For Airwheel electric scooters, they don't have these problems, like plugs without fuses, faulty cables or chargers.

That's because that Airwheel this brand of scooter is a real manufacturer for its own scooters unlike common electric hoverboards made by some small workshops without any certifications. And most are not branded and have been ordered by website or small traders to sell on to bargain-hunting shoppers.

Airwheel Q5

On the other hand, a global recognized authority CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE has approved Airwheel scooters conforming to European Union system standard. Among CE test the self-balancing scooter made by Airwheel are qualified in LVD (Low Voltage Directive), EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive) and MD (Machinery Directive). It shows that the scooters are safe and legal.

It's not right to follow the trend riding a hoverbard, but it's crucial to choose a safe yet legal one like Airwheel approved by authoritative organization.

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