Airwheel H3 electric wheelchair’s high quality Parts!

Last Saturday, the editor rided Airwheel H3 electric wheelchair, and made this simple test for you.

First, we can see the mini joystick on the wheelchair. The joystick can be placed in right or left order to adapt to the use of different groups.
And you can use through "II O I" to relize folding or unfolding this electric wheelchair.

mini joystick

Every detail is high quality.

Airwheel H3

The robust hardwares given us the strongest sense of security, so that the riders can use longer.

Airwheel H3

12.5 inch wheels make travel smooth and safe.

Airwheel H3 tires

Video from Editor:
Through press one button to achieve automatic unfolding electric wheelchair.

Riding experiences:
1, the joystick is so flexible than my imagine, if you are tilting the joystick left and right, the direction of rotation of the electric wheelchair will be very flexible.
Meanwhile, you could also tilt the joystick to front left or front right, H3 also flexible to respond.
2, when you tilt the joystick to the back, you would listen the sound from the wheelchair, to remind those around people and vehicles to attention;
3, the wheelchair cushion feel comfortable, although it is riding in the summer, but hip didn't feel muggy;
4, height of the armrests: my arms did't have an uneasy feeling;
5, riding indoor: used a speed about 6 yards;

The more details of riding Airwheel H3, we will bring to you in the future.

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