Airwheel H3S Electric Wheelchair: Regain Your Mobility & Get Your Independence Back

Abstract: Want to visit your favorite places like grocery stores, shopping malls, parks, outdoor events or even your friends and loved ones? The Airwheel H3S electric automatic folding wheelchair may be just what you’re looking for to help you regain your mobility and assist you getting around freely!

Airwheel H3S Remote wheelchair

A recognized leader in its field, Airwheel knows the true value of its proposition lies in the quality of its people. The winning the IF Award is a testament to their efforts and success they enjoy in their drive to attract and engage the entrepreneurial and “best-in-class” across our business. Airwheel H3S power wheelchair is to regain your mobility and get your independence back.

Airwheel H3S Electric wheelchair

Airwheel H3S electric automatic folding wheelchair’s more compact in size than traditional wheelchairs and fits virtually anywhere. More importantly, it requires almost no maintenance and can be easily serviced. For its lightweight, it is also extremely durable, providing weight support to passengers of up to 130kg. The highlight is the automatic folding system, with one button to realize folding and unfolding it.

Airwheel H3S Electric wheelchair

You simply lean forward to accelerate, lean back to slow down or stop, it also offers effective electric brake switch on right side handlebar for braking. H3S medical equipment requires the handlebar to turn directions, instead of changing the body gravity to left or right. Though small the handlebar is, it accords with ergonomics. It will automatically brake when rider’s hand doesn’t touch the controller, which is super easy to control.

Airwheel H3S Electric wheelchair

Other considerate details include the pedals, the light and mobile app and so on. The pedals are comfortable and anti-skid, with three adjustable heights to meet the needs of different users. When reversing, H3S will automatically beep to remind passers-by around to ensure safety. H3S always lights up the road whether it’s on urban streets or rural lane, outdoors or indoors. H3S smart wheelchair can be connected to rider’s mobile phone showing the real-time speed, mileage, temperature and battery level.

Actually, it requires no adaptation time and anyone can just sit on it and go. To sum up, Airwheel H3S electric wheelchair was born to regain your mobility and get your independence back.