Airwheel H3S Folding Electric Wheelchair Is Up To Something Awesome

Abstract: Available in various sizes, styles, and models, Airwheel's intelligent personal transportation devices were engineered to match the needs of the modern consumer. Airwheel H3S electric wheelchair is the newly born smart chair, different from the other models in Airwheel. It has caused a sensation the moment it launched.

The release of Airwheel H3S motorized wheelchair realizes a breakthrough in the progress of wheelchairs. Full of creativity and innovation, it is for the modern senior citizens. Get the first-hand detailed information of Airwheel latest product—H3S. It designed for the old allows them to move around more efficiently and safely. It is featuring automatic folding system, App remote control and retractable mini table and more.

Airwheel H3S Motorized chair

Featuring automatic folding system, H3S is super easy to store and riders just press one button to fold it up. Its lightweight aluminium alloy frame, DC brush motor and the Omni-directional front wheels make Airwheel H3S power and manual wheelchair easy to negotiate on different road conditions. Conquer the concrete jungle with H3S. It has been equipped with two ride modes—manual mode and electric mode. In the manual mode, it is just like the traditional wheelchairs and lets riders enjoy the company of friends and families.

Airwheel H3S Mobility Vehicles

Moreover, the electric mode allows riders to go freely, without other's help, which add much confidence to their life, and they will easily develop a positive life attitude. Also, the smart controller not only makes the riding much easier, but also is interchangeable to adapt to different riders' habits. The retractable armrests make dinning and getting on/off easy and safe.

Airwheel H3S health care products

The popularity of smart phones coincides with the rapid development of App. In order to keep abreast with times, Airwheel has designed its exclusive App with various functions. Keep track of your speed, journey, and other metrics with the Airwheel mobile application that connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Also, you can control H3S smart chair remotely. There is no need for you to consider the traffic jam, as H3S is not going to be stopped by the heavy traffic. To sum up, with freedom, mobility and creativity, riders canelegantly ride into the future with Airwheel H3S motorized wheelchair.