Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair tells us how to enjoy life after retirement.

Abstract:After retirement, we need to change our mindset and spend more time to plan and manage it. However, many elderly people are facing movement inconvenience caused by the gradual decline of physical fitness, which makes their travel extremely inconvenient, and their activity space is more confined to their homes. The advent of the intelligent wheelchair Airwheel H3T electric mobility scooter can just solve this problem.

Airwheel H3T Portable mobility wheelchair

This year, Johnson retired and began a new lifestyle. He bought himself an Airwheel H3T. For Johnson, H3T lightweight motorized wheelchair is easy to use, just by pushing the intelligent joystick with clear and various functions. To go forward, push the joystick forward and turn left, push the joystick left. H3T not only adopts flexible front wheels and 12.5-inch non-slip inflatable rear wheels, which can adapt to various travel environments such as sand, grass, and narrow rooms. It is also equipped with dual motors-driving motor and pusher motor. Driven by the battery pack, the speed can reach 6km / h. The strong movement can make the slopes and uneven roads easier to pass, and it has no need for physical energy, which is very suitable for the elderly.

Airwheel H3T folding wheelchair

In order to further improve the degree of freedom when using a smart wheelchair, Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair provides two remote control options: Bluetooth remote control and dedicated smart APP, which can be flexibly selected to remotely control smart wheelchair switch, movement, / unfolding, headlights, speakers and other functions.

Airwheel H3T electric wheelchair

Johnson especially enjoyed the H3T’s automatic folding system, designed with a rotating structure at multiple places. Whether it is local control or remote control status, only one button is required to realize automatic folding, and it is stress-free for daily storage at home and storage in the trunk of the car. When riding in reverse, the H3T electric automatic folding wheelchair will automatically issue a buzzer to warn Johnson, not only does it need to be controlled by himself, but also serves as a warning to passersby around to ensure safety. The EABS brake can be parked efficiently, and it will not slip back even on a slope. The front and rear are equipped with thick spring shock absorbers, which can alleviate bumps and ensure comfort when riding.

Airwheel H3T lightweight motorized wheelchairr