Airwheel Intelligent 2 wheel self-balancing scooter, the Best Wingman in Dating

Abstract: when a boy has crush on a certain girl, he can just go up to her to ask for a date. That is normal. What if the boy is too shy to be so initiative? He would need a wingman to help him, to introduce him. If he owns Airwheel, he would not need any wingman.

Just like many movies and TV series shows, while a boy is sitting with his bros in the bar with beer in his hand, there comes a pretty girl who just attracts the boy. What would happen next? There must be bustle among all the big guys, they are encouraging the boy to ask her dream girl for a date. Then they would be his wingmen to make it happen. However, in the actual world this would not be so easy. First, the boy is always sitting there alone and second there would not be so many friends around him. For that, how to find a better wingman, or whether it is necessary for the boy to find a wingman? The answer is definitely not. Airwheel electric scooter can be the best wingman.

Airwheel Intelligent Scooter, the Best Wingman in Dating

With such adorable appearance and exquisite shape, Airwheel self-balancing scooter can easily attract many girls. If the boy owns one scooter and carry it to bar, it would surely makes him under the spot light. There would make him more outstanding among all the pursuers.

airwheel intelligent scooter

Maybe someone thinks that the advantages mentioned above are too skin-deep and superficial. Airwheel can also be the modest and delicate way to show the boy’s love for the girl. Boys can use electric self-balancing scooter as gifts for their lovers. This kind of presents can actually show your love in special ways. Just think about, the chocolates are not so welcome by many slim girls who wants nice and hot figure, roses are just so vulgar and ordinary that they can prove you are not innovative and just of poor taste. Jewelries maybe too expensive for a boy to afford. From this point, Airwheel can really be a good way for boys to show their love. Not mention that the electric scooter is of excellent performance and high quality. What is more, the details of the scooter are especially designed for young ladies, such as the handle with silicon cover, the bright and energetic color are all unique feature for girls.

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