Airwheel Intelligent Scooter A3 A Clash of Life and Passion

Abstract: Airwheel released electric scooter A3 on 2015 new product release announcement. With the brand new design and riding experience, A3 will definitely brings every scooter lover a new life.

On June 18th, 2015, electric scooter users welcomed a new series and a new product—A series and A3. The most significant breakthrough of A3 is its original sitting-posture riding mode. Let’s go and see the innovative notion that Airwheel brings to us.

Airwheel A3 self-balance unicycle combines the ideas and creativities from all outstanding designers around the world. A3 continues to use the high-tech Nano-material synthetic resin shell and Cheng Shin tyres, which guarantee the every detail of the scooter. Besides, A3 adds the brand new sitting-posture riding model. Before now, as the large-scale adoption of standing-posture riding mode, riders are always exhausted after a long-distance trip. With the advent of A3, this problem will be solved.

Airwheel A3

The electronic brake system is another shining point, which completely dispel the misgiving about the safety. After the bottom of brake being pressed, Airwheel A3 could response within 0.5 second, which limited the stopping distance within 50 centimeters, which ensures the users’ safety.

To provide better riding experience, Airwheel intelligent scooter develops a customized APP for A series to monitor the statistics, control the scooter’s condition and adjust the scooter. After installing the APP on smartphone, one could control A3, turn on the lights, lock and unlock A3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter, check the real-time date like speed and mileage and so on.

two wheel self-balancing electric scooter

The answer is no. Because of the foldable pedal design and stainless steel material, Airwheel A3 occupies the one-tile-sized space, which means that one could easily put it into his office and even the trunk. So compact and portable it is!

A3 is of epoch-making significance, which indicates that a new era for intelligent scooter is coming. The future of A3 is so bright and promising. Let’s choose Airwheel A3 electric self-balancing scooter!


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