Airwheel Intelligent two-wheeled scooter, the Best Staff in Airport

Abstract: When people talk about the best staff in the airport, there are lots of candidates, such as the security guard or the ground crews or the flight crews. Maybe people can think it in different ways. Why not think about something new? Such as the Airwheel scooter.

The airport is super-huge and functions differently in various areas. Most of the airport staffs have to perform cross-regional work. And the different regions are so far away that if they walk on foot , it can take at least 5-10 minutes to cover the distance. Some areas can take even longer time. What is worse, the airport is always fully occupied with lots of tourists. The electro mobile are so big that there can be nowhere for it to operate and part. Many staffs are in bad need for a proper tool for them to commute and to perform daily cross region work

Airwheel Intelligent Scooter, the Best Staff in Airport

Airwheel can easily solve these problems, its portability and light weight can greatly reduce the trouble of parking mobiles and can make sure the staff can act swiftly without dealing with the transportation tools. This is especially important for the security personnel, who has to be faster, swifter.

What is more, the Airwheel electric scooter can function quietly without unnecessary noise. Sometimes in the VIP waiting hall it cannot be noisy. The staff can work without interrupting distinguished guests.

As for the tourists, sometimes there may be a really long distance between the waiting hall and board gate for the tourists to walk on foot. In order to speed up the whole function of the airport, the staffs can arrange some self-balancing two-wheeled scooters for the tourists to use. For that the wide Cheng Shin tire which is of great quality and the extra-large hub can make sure the riding stable and comfortable. Some of the scooter can be equipped with baggage holder which can carry the luggage with the tourists themselves. What is more, because the electric self-balancing scooter is convenience and portability, the security personnel can take it to anywhere they need to perform patrol tasks.


When selecting the best staff of the airport, people should realize that the scooter can be the most hardworking and versatile staff among all the staffs.


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