Airwheel Introduced a Simple Exercise for Busy People

Abstract: Airwheel is goona introduce a simple exercise for busy people without too much spare time. It is to ride Airwheel electric unicycle or twin-wheeled electric scooter. This is not a high-intensity exercise, but a mild exercise for busy people that can be taken anywhere anytime.

No matter if you are at work, at home, or on the go, this easy-to-follow steps are sure to make you get the workout in the body. Too many words are just to bring out this exercise introduced by Airwheel — riding electric unicycles or twin-wheel scooters.

The difference of these two different models of scooters exists in their appearance. Electric unicycle has only one wheel, but twin-wheeled electric scooter has a twin-wheel. The different structure means these two enjoy different balance ability or stability. For most female riders, Q series twin-wheel electric scooter is the first choice. The learning steps are the same for those two different ones.

Q3 twin-wheeled scooter

After turning on the power button, the rider should set the scooter in a right position for easy rolling routine. Then one foot steps on the pedal, and the other foot put on the pedal when the balance could be controlled. After the whole body lands on the scooter, then the body movement on the scooter is quite important. Flexible body is the key to make the ride smooth.

Airwheel Q6

Learning how to ride it is to know how to do this simple exercise. Since this scooter is mini in its exterior, this simple sport can be done anywhere, anytime. For instance, when you are in office, you can ride it. Riding this device can save time as well as doing exercise. Moreover, the rider can ride it to home as a commuting tool.

What's more, the rider can do this simple exercise at home. Only if the corridor is wide enough for the width of the self-balancing electric scooter, it's feasible to take this exercise.

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