Airwheel Introduces Hub-less Design in Electric Unicycles

Abstract: There in no end for any technology. Since it's the age of freedom and intelligence, an electric unicycle with hub-less design is going to spice up people's life.

It is the epoch of freedom and technology. The direct beneficiaries of advanced technology are all users or common people. Now the orbit electric unicycle from Airwheel Technology has loudly been announced to the world. That is the sign of a technological era, the symbol of a change of times, as well as a flag of science. Airwheel F3 created by hub-less design with its cool, dashing appearance comes up to your feet to provoke the riding desires.

Airwheel S5 intelligent electric scooter price

F3 is not designed with white and black shell, and this electric unicycle is considered state-of-the- art proud of its hub-less design. In most people's view, it is not only a normal vehicle but also a tool filled with artistic design to show off one's rhythm and flexibility. Its bodywork is composed of a circular ring.

As it's based on a gyroscope system and aviation attitude control, it's easy to maintain balance by leaning forward or backward. After you are skilled to manipulate it, you can try to travel even on rough ground and stairs. Due to its unique model, rolling the scooter can be a cool icon on the street.

Airwheel A3 self-balancing scooter with seat

It is ready for music, flash lights, and it's only lacking of you to rock yourself on it. This sort of experience is no less than the skateboarding. On account of its intelligence, the power level indicator will give warning when it's low on battery. The maximum speed it can reach is /h, which allows you to enjoy the experience of flying fast down on the ground.

Along with music, spinning the scooter on the walking street the rider must have a blast enjoying the sunshine and breezes. Life is wonderful because of the technology's impact. The debut of hub-less design scooter is an upgrade based on the electric hoverboards.

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