Airwheel lightweight electric scooter is the more suitable for graduates.

Abstract: Graduate refers to someone who has been the subject of a graduation, namely, someone who has completed the requirements of an academic degree. That is to say, they are going to get their first job and they are cash-strapped as well. Private cars are too expensive and bus and subway are too crowded. Then the Airwheel lightweight electric scooter is the more suitable for graduates.

They are particularly popular with the young commuters, most of whom are hard up for money and cannot afford to buy private cars. Naturally, they become the best personal transport for them.

electric scooters

The daily commute is the biggest trouble for them. In addition to electric unicycles, there are S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter, Z series (foldable electric scooter) and M series (electric skateboard) etc. in Airwheel. They are all suitable to be their commuting tool.

For the boys, they may fall in love with the Airwheel M3 electric skateboard. Equipped with magentic levitation motor, M3 brings more powerful output power with the top speed of 20km per hour and more than 15°climbing degree. It is adopted the customized tires into M3 with such features as skid proof, strong grip effect, wide tire design, which is suitable for the whole road conditions. With M3, they can have a shortcut.

electric skateboard

Airwheel Z5 is a standing up electric scooter advocating portability and convenience. 14kg item weight and triple folding system of Z5 enables individuals to easily carry it. Coupled with USB power supply interface, mobile phones and other daily intelligent equipment can be charged during the journey, which is more preferred by them.

2-wheeled electric scooter

For the Airwheel S8 a new electric walkcar is featured by the multi-pose controlling system. For the graduates who are in pursuit of individuality, Airwheel S8 fits them well. No matter which one they choose, Airwheel is surely to satisfy the graduates’ demands, reasonable in price and premium in quality.