Airwheel M3 electric hoverboard on Indiegogo Make Everyone a Skateboarder

Abstract: Airwheel M3 is a not a conventional board requiring rider's good operation skill or a great deal of practice. It is an electric skateboard on Indiegogo aiming to make everyone a skateboarder.

To be honest, this idea stems from the miserable childhood that I finally learnt how to skateboard after undergoing pains in legs and hip. Hence, my original intention to work on the board is to make more people experience this sort of skateboarding with abandoning the traditional using skills.

The deck made by maple wood can be attached decals or stickers chosen by user's preference. I hope this insignificant detail can also attract some potential backers in Indiegogo .

Airwheel M3

In order to simplify its operation methods, the remote control is brought in. There are three key buttons in the remote control, the power switch, speed control button and direction button.

When the rider is standing on the deck, just slowly push the speed button forward to speed up. If needing to slow down, rider can slowly push the button backward. In regards to steering directions, the remote control can also do it. Only designed with an easy-to-use operation model, this wireless remote control skateboard cannot be the right one for each lover of electronic device.


Apart from the easy manipulating method, M3 is not a loser in the riding experience. The damper mass is installed under the front and real axels components to create smooth ride on the most unforgiveable roads or pavements. Apparently, the tires with grooved patterns assembled on the board are strong and sturdy enough to challenge some bad road conditions.

Right now I'm not quite sure whether this model of electric air board could occupy a certain market. Anyway I wish this dream will come true with all backers' help. The good news that M3 skateboard on Indiegogo only cost $399.00 can be heard by more people dreaming of becoming skateboarders.

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