Airwheel M3 electric skateboards, One Futuristic-looking Device

Abstract: M3 electric skateboard from Airwheel has a futuristic looking for its personalized design and premium quality in material selection.

You can say life is all about ups and downs, but also it's all about perspective. In some layman eyes, Airwheel M3 maybe a regular skateboard, looking like —essentially a plank with rounded ends and four wheels underneath. But it is also not a skateboard from “Back to the Future”, just an electric skateboard with a recognizable silhouette.

M3 Airwheel

The deck in unit M3 electric hoverboard is a graceful shape of a leaf, made by maple wood. Each deck is made through a painstaking process of laying carbon fiber into a wood mold. Carbon fiber is both strong and flexible when under stress. The Airwheel team says riders could put something weighing 120kg and it won't break. There is a place left for riders to give full play to the imagination. The decals attached on the M3 electric hoverboard's deck can be riders' choices.

It's not just the material and look that makes Airwheel M3 electric skateboards different. The 4.5-inch electric skateboard is deigned to dip down from both ends. It also has a concave center, making it a bit like a potato chip. The tires customized from Cheng Shin Tire are with deep grooved patterns, which enjoy good stability on the road. Above the wheels, the damper mass is equipped with. The idea is to give the board strength and the rider stability on the rough roads.


Despite the fact that M3 is not an oddball skateboards around here compared with a post-modern skateboard with two unconnected wheels, it could be special in design and function. If the board delivers as promised, it's shaping up to be both beautiful and functional. It will appeal to skateboarders who want to carve and ollie on a piece of rolling art.

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